Save lakhs of rupees while receiving fantastic benefits.

Divine’s Rewards

Divine Rocket Client Club In DRCC, We not only offer huge benefits but also intend to save lacs of rupees of our esteemed customers.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

(100 lacs)

7 Heavens for
RC - Platinum

(50 lacs-100 lacs)

5 Heavens for
RC - Gold

(25 lacs-50 lacs)

3 Heavens for
RC - Silver

1. Club Membership starts from FY 22-23.

2. Eligibility to become a member Platinum Minimum 1 Crore turnover. Gold – Minimum 250 Lacs turnover. Silver-Minimum 25 Lacs turnover.

3. For Non Members:
Heavens – NA
Rewards – Yes, based on slabs

4. For members:
Heavens – Immediate for existing members
Rewards-Reimbursement in first billing of
FY 23-24 based on slabs.

5. Only billed basic amount(Without GST) will be considered for Reward calculations. Prices will be applicable based on the price list which is efffective during billing.

6. Mode Of Reimbursement – Via Credit Note.

7. Credit notes will be given only after clearing of complete payments of 22-23.

8. Billing will be subject to availability of stocks.

9. Billing will be on a first come first serve basis.

10. Any invoice/s which will be used to reimburse last year. Reward will be included in the current year turn over.

11. Billing of crash beam barrier will not be considered for Reward.

12. If any existing member of RC club does not cross the minimum slab, he will not be eligible for membership of DRCC Club next year but will enjoy the all Heavens incurrent year.

13. Scheme is subject to force majeure.

14. All disputes subject to Raipur jurisdiction.

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