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Divine Empire is a one stop solution for lightweight construction equipment, chemicals and consumables.We offer a vast selection of products which includes 2947 different products and we have implemented 23 checklists having 75 Checkpoints in Totality through which we ensure trouble free & appropriate dispatch for our customers in our warehouses in Raipur & Bhubaneswar.
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  1. Divine Empire is a 8 year old firm formed back on 7th of August 2015. We have founded our Head Office in Raipur, which is supported by a warehouse, and we have also established a Branch Office in Bhubneshwar Orisha and Guwahati Assam, which is rapidly expanding.
  2. Our client base includes 3283 clients with an impressive 77.31% being repeat customers, reflecting their satisfaction and trust in our services.
  3. The average order value from clients in the first year is ₹51,835.62.
  4. Since then, the average order value from our clients has increased to ₹64,372.19 every year. This translates to a 124.18% increase in order value from day one.
  5. We have 60 young, energetic, and enthusiastic employees in our team, including 11 Industry Experts in their respective fields.
  6. We have developed 23 checklists with a total of 75 checkpoints to assure trouble-free and suitable dispatch for our clients.

Vision, Mission & Values

We help you to Increase your Market Share Decrease your Construction Cost Increase your Revenue


To be a leading enabler, with applauding product and services, in the construction and infrastructure sector for building a new India.


Ensuring Customer Retention and repeat business through advance automated system and emerge as a manufacturing company with 5 exclusive dealers accross India by FY 2025.


Dedication, Integrity, Versatility, Innovation, Nurture, Energetic


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Vijay Kumar Agarwal


Shashank Shekhar Agarwal

Founder & Managing Director

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