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Divine Empire India Pvt. Ltd. NABL Offer

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GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENT – 37% of clients ignore the government norms of having NABL certified equipment and buy non-NABL certified equipment hence pay huge penalties.

EQUIPMENT – 57% of clients don’t know that they can buy NABL calibrated equipment & end up with difficulties in maintaining accreditation. 

FACING ISSUES WHILE BUYING LAB SETUP – 83% of clients faces issues such as requesting a complete lab setup but due to lack of stocks & varieties they have to find multiple vendors, which affects the clients in terms of downtime and their client satisfaction.

REDUCED CONFIDENCE – 69% of clients lack behind with the NABL certified equipment, which makes them less confident about their equipment assurance in testing and analysis.

EXPERT TECHNICIANS – In most cases of Non-NABL calibration, the calibration is done by amateur technicians resulting in inaccurate calibration and hence increasing the calibration cost.

AFTER SALES SERVICE – 33% of clients ignore after-sales services through authorized & genuine service provider which affects equipment’s life & also consumes more time as well as money. 

7 Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference With Your
Civil Lab Setup with NABL Calibration

Implementing a robust quality management system: Having a strong QMS in place will help ensure that all procedures and processes are followed consistently, which can improve the reliability and accuracy of the test results.

Regular calibration of all instruments: Regular calibration of all instruments is essential to ensure that they are working correctly and producing accurate results.

Documenting all calibration: Documenting all calibrations is important for demonstrating compliance with industry standards and for troubleshooting and improving processes.

Training employees on calibration procedures: Training employees on calibration procedures will ensure that they are familiar with the correct procedures, which can reduce errors and improve consistency.

Monitoring and addressing nonconformities: Monitoring and addressing nonconformities promptly can help prevent errors and improve the overall quality of testing and analysis.

Regular reviewing and updating SOPs: Regularly reviewing and updating standard operating procedures [SOPs] will ensure that they are up-to-date and aligned with industry standard.

Regularly reviewing and updating equipment inventory: Regularly reviewing and updating equipment inventory will help ensure that all instruments are calibrated on time and that they are in good working condition.

Why Divine?

Divine Empire India Pvt. Ltd. has a NABL Accredited Lab with Highly Paid Trained Service Experts on hand to calibrate your equipment on time, every time.
We offer onsite calibration as well as in lab calibration for any lab setup whether it is soil testing, bitumen testing or concrete testing lab setup and we are so well equipped that we can provide you NABL Certification within 24 hours after receiving the work order.
We are the 1st in Central India to provide Civil Lab Equipment with NABL calibration.
We have sold 35,87,000 Lab Equipment and the number is growing as you read this, in just 2 years we have calibrated 3,47,623 equipment and helped them save ₹8.53 Cr.

In the last 7 years, Divine Empire India Pvt. Ltd. has helped more than 2,573 customers completing their projects successfully worth ₹63,000 crores.

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Flat 50% Off

On the calibration of your Civil Lab Setup

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